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Ingredients (serves 2)

Tropicano sauce

2 whole chicken breasts
Half a pineapple (tinned works too)
Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh coriander (about a handful)
Black Pepper (from grinder)
Fresh Chilli

To Accompany

Long grain rice

Cupboard bottom
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1) Chop 5 or 6 normal size tomatoes very fine. You can use a food processor if you like, but you don't want puree.

2) Finely chop a chilli. Use the little hot ones - how many depends on how spicy you like things. Strip the seeds out if you want it a little milder.

3) Chop the pineapple into chunks like you get on sticks with cheese.

4) Finely chop the Coriander

Ingredients in a pan

The steel drums are starting to warm up now...


1) Get your rice in a pan and start boiling it. This won't take long. Put your spinach in another lidded pan, in a tablespoon of water. Don't turn it on though. It's not time yet.

2) Heat some oil/butter/whatever in a pan, then cook the chicken breasts on an average heat, turning now and then.

3) When the chicken is cooked, add the chilli to the hot pan, and fry for a bit to release the flavour. If you don't like it too spicy, wait until you add the tomatoes to do this.

4) Add the chopped tomatoes and pineapple.

5) Add black pepper to taste. How do you know? Taste it!

6) Cook until the tomatoes break down into a lovely rich sauce.

7) Stir in the coriander and turn down the heat.

8) Cook the spinach with the lid on very briefly - it should still have some bite.

9) Drain the rice, drain the spinach, then serve it on a plate with the chicken. Pour the sauce on top.

Chicken Tropicano

THAT is a plate of party disco fun. Oh yeah.

It doesn't get any easier than that, does it?

You can add stuff to this if you like, I also found it works with cod but cook the fish separately, or it falls apart.

If you're trying to impress this dish is great, because it takes seconds, looks impressive and tastes fabulous!
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