Cookery Corner e-mail round-up

What a privelege to share just some of the considerable amout of correspondence that Cookery Corner has received from our culinary cousins over the last few years.

Well, the 6 months until I screwed up the e-mail anyway.

Cookery Corner has really made some established names sit up and take notice. I'll start with the complements of course:

05/06/07 - 'What a brilliant site'
"I must say I came across your site quite by chance by doing various searches on google and found it amazing. Keep up the good work general!"
Colonel Sanders, e-mail.

22/03/07 - 'no subject'
"When is the next edition of cookery corner going to be released?"
Rob Gold, esq

In fact, Mr Gold is one of our most ardent fans and our most prolific contributor with... erm ... well, all of 2 e-mails. The other one really made me sit up and take notice though.

26/01/07 - 'no subject'
"On Tuesday I was given a Boneo biscuit, they don't taste very good."
Rob Gold, esq, e-mail

Of course, this titbit brings us to the real point of Cookery Corner's feedback - sharing recipe ideas. Whilst the Boneo idea might not work for everyone, our final contribution may get some creative juices flowing:

27/01/07 - Leek Cannelloni
"May I suggest that rather than cannelloni, you use pancakes. Try making a smooth white sauce, then add lots of cheese. Slice yer leeks and pop 'em in the micro for 2 - 3 mins with a knob of butter - make sure the dish is covered to avoid splashing and the effort of cleaning the micro. Mix the leeks with about half the cheese sauce. Get your pancake, spoon on some leek mixture, season it if you like then roll up the pancake to look like a cannelloni. Repeat with the rest of your pancakes, then put them in a baking dish. Cover the neatly arranged pancakes with the remainder of the sauce. Sprinkle some crushed plain crisps on the top and bake for 30 mins or so gas mark 5 or 6. This also works well with tuna, haddock and bacon, and loads of other things. Let your creativity take over. Lemon Thyme improves the flavour of all these dishes - ask Rick. Enjoy."
Pappajim, e-mail

OK, I have to admit that's it. That's all the mail Cookery Corner ever had. It's probably time to go a bit Web 2.0. It's not that hard, right?

I'm not accepting contributions via the site at the moment, due to techinical constraints. The next feedback issue would have shed a bit of light on that, if only I hadn't deleted all the sordid Male Organ Enhancement e-mails I had catalogued, by accident...

Until next time then... well if this isn't evidence enough that Cookery Corner will print your contributions I don't know what is, so become a fan of the Facebook page and share, baby!