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Ingredients (serves 2 ish):

2 x Chicken breasts
Tarragon (dry or fresh will do)
A lemon
Half a red pepper
About 10 cherry tomatoes
Fresh ground black pepper
200g-250g pasta
Parmesan/other cheese (optional)

Cupboard bottom
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Bottom right door hinge


1) Chop the chicken into little strips about and 1-2 inches long, depending on how big your mouth is

2) Chop the pepper into strips, chop the strips into halves - again depending on how big your mouth is.

3) Chop the cherry tomatoes in half

4) Get a pan of water on the boil. Not hard so far, is it?

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1) Put the pasta in the boiling pan - this will take about as long as it takes to cook - say 10-15 minutes

2) Melt some butter in a frying pan on a medium heat, or oil if you feel healthy... then add the chicken

3) Once the chicken is sizling away, add loads of ground pepper, some tarragon, and cook more.

4) After about 5 minutes add the red pepper, and squeeze half the lemon juice in.

5) Drain the pasta when it's cooked, then add it to the frying pan, along with the rest of the lemon juice, and more tarragon.

6) Stir in the cherry tomatoes, and keep the heat on for a couple of minutes.

7) Serve in bowls, and grate some cheese on top if you fancy it. You're done!

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This is part of my staple diet. Miraculous though it sounds, it's also just as good if you eat it cold the next day - if not better!
Beats the office canteen, anyway.