Road of hope

Christmas Edition

He will live forever in our hearts.

This week has been sad, tragic in fact. OK not this week exactly, but I just heard this terrible news and so wanted to pen my own tribute to the Godfather of convenience food. I speak, of course, of Momofuku Ando, who sadly died on January 6th aged 96.
Hey I never said this was a news site...

Momofuku Ando, artist's impression, because I don't understand the law.

An instant noodle in its revolutionary dehydrated state, yesterday.

What do you mean, you've never heard of him?? well to be honest neither had I, until I found out what he brought to the world. He only went and invented the instant noodle!

From a small shed at the bottom of his Auntie's lawn, he formulated his secret recipe for making noodles really stiff, until you add hot water.

He locked himself in there for 10 long years, refusing to shave or wash, until he finally begat the stroke of genius that would affect the lives of millions. Without him there would be no Pot Noodle, or Supernoodles. Oh, and his idea helped solve some post war noodle issues in Japan, or something.

Bearded and minging, he emerged to a hero's welcome and a visits from great luminaries of the time such as The Pope, Freddie Mercury and Mary Whitehouse.

Momofuku Ando, we salute you. In tribute to your endeavours, and because it won't take me very long, I have restored a classic Cookery Corner guide to making a Pot Noodle.