Momofuku Ando Obituary

Christmas Edition

I Never Promised Anything

OK it's been 4 long months. Momofuku Ando is sufficiently decomposed as to be of no further serious significance and, as I am fully aware, Cookery Corner is in serious danger of being forgotten. Worse still remembered, but dismissed, as the occasional ranting of a diseased lunatic. I must apologise. I can do better. I'll show you.

a long road.

Yes, it's a long road I've travelled. And the road will stretch to be longer still. But at the end of this road, friends, lies a thing of beauty, a unifying force. Something to be cherished and nurtured. Cookery Corner has not forsaken you.

And yet even as you shake your disbelieving heads and prepare to type 'GOATSE' into google, yet again, just to see if it's still there (and not because you like it honest) I hope you have the patience to trust that someday, sometime, I will be a man. I will deliver on these promises, just see if I don't. I might even do some proper content and everything.

Remember though I can't do it without you. That means all of you. No e-mail to Cookery Corner is wasted. No contribution will be uncontributed. And no love is stronger than that which a man has for a decent plate of food. Happiness is cheese on toast.

And you can quote me on that, all of it.