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Rowland's Food Log


Hi Rowland fans. I hope it's been fascinating reading all this cookery stuff. It's really made me think about exactly what I'm eating a bit more, mainly because I suspect that I'm suffering harm. I love food, you see, and I have a suspicion that lately it's been getting out of control.

In the spirit of science, then, this blog entry is an attempt to recall everything I have eaten in the last week in order to better assess my chances of long term survival. With luck it could result in more content on this very website. Somehow.

More likely, it should provide an interesting snapshot of my general health.... I feel understandably nervous.

Day one - Friday 9th February:

Ok this is hazy. It's been a heavy week. I really can't remember. Sob...

- burger and chips
- crumpets
- 4 beers
- 2 snakebite and black.

No I'm not sure what I was thinking either. I'm not seeing food groups here. Hmm great start...

Day two - Saturday 10th February:

Ok this is easier.....

- erm... cheese, or something.. That's it!cheese on toast
- some olives?
- chicken chow mein
- 6 pints John Smith's bitter
- half a bottle of Gin
- 2 chicken legs
- lots of party food.

Now, today I may well have been involved in a house party, so it doesn't count, not really.

Day three - Sunday 11th February:

Skipped breakfast today for some reason, but then

- Fabulous Roast Pork dinner
- toasted cheesy bread with tomatoes and onion

The cynics among you are more likely already pointing out the high saturated fat content. However this is proven as the best cure for a hangover, so I'm unrepentant.

Day four - Monday 12th February:

Back at work, which theoretically should help matters.

- Bourbons!
- Steak and chips
- chicken and pasta and stuff.

Believe me you don't want the recipe for the chicken.

Day five - Tuesday 13th February:

- Pret a manger breakfast sarnie
- Chicken linguini
- Half a tuna lasagna.

Tuna Lasagna, the healthy option.

Day six - Wednesday 14th February:

- Bourbons!
- Pie and chips
- crumpets x2
- 6 beer
- Other half a tuna lasagne

The problem with the office I work at is that you just have to go to the pub for lunch to break up the day a bit. You know?

Day seven - Thursday 15th February:

Hmm I think I picked the worng week...

- chicken escalop with blue cheese and parma ham in a toasted ciabatta (this isn't my recipe but my god it's good!)
- steak and guinness pasty
- bowl of nachos (large)
- 7 beers
- chicken meat and chips with garlic and chilli sauce

You know, I think I may have picked up a correlation between drinking and poor eating habits. The government would be proud. I put it down to co-incidence.


Well, having added up the calories for this lot it came to around 70 000. That's enough energy to supply a day's electricity to the village of Chirk. Then subtract calories according to the exercise I did during the course of the week...... comes to 70 000 calories... then round it up, obviously....

Ah. bugger. Well according to this my arteries are harder than designing an effective cookery website. Make the most of me while you can, I'm not sure how long I can keep this up..


Have you any dietry suggestions for Rowland? Is your diet worse? (I don't see how that is possible, but you never know)

Coming soon will be all manner of Web 2 style malarkey, so be patient! In the meantime, just use the links below..